Your Childs Learning Journey

Your Child's Learning Journey

Your child's learning and development is monitored and supported throughout every stage of nursery life.

Childbase provides online learning journeys for our practitioners through the use of the iConnect app. iConnect enables practitioners to make curriculum based observations and assessments at the touch of a button removing the need for excessive paperwork which can detract from the quality time between each practitioner and child. iConnect links directly to ParentZone, an app which parents can view directly on their phone, tablet, or through a web version on any PC. ParentZone provides our busy parents with unprecedented access to their child’s learning journey at times convenient to them, and provides the opportunity for parents to upload photographs, videos and notes of activities and interests from home which the practitioners can extend at nursery. The comprehensive reporting provided through iConnect and ParentZone enables a robust approach to tracking each child’s learning and development throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage, ensuring each child progresses at high levels from their starting point, and ultimately enabling a cohesive approach to school readiness and the from school to nursery.

Security of information is of paramount importance to us and to Connect Childcare who provide the iConnect and ParentZone apps. We would like to reassure you that data storage, on UK based servers, is certified to the highest international standards. For further information on privacy, security and data protection please refer to and

ParentZone is designed to enhance rather than replace daily interactions between the staff team and parents; it does not replace parent evenings or keyperson meetings and we do not use it as a vehicle for discussing booking arrangements or notification of changes to, for example, sleep routines and medical or dietary requirements, where the Nursery Management team and your child’s key person will remain your key points of contact.

Please speak to your Nursery Management team for further information and please read our user guide:-

Guide to ParentZone