Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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The following terms and conditions relate to the contract between the Nursery and Parent / Guardian / Carer. The rules about notice periods and payment of fees serve to promote stability, assist with forward planning of staffing requirements and general resourcing.


The headings below serve to provide clarity on the key areas of the contractual agreement.

Registration, Bookings, Notice periods and Fees

  • To register your child for a place at the nursery you must complete The Registration form.
  • A place will be guaranteed at the nursery when we are in receipt of the first month’s fees. These fees will then be offset against the first months invoice.
  • When your child is eligible for a funded place you will be required to sign these related terms and conditions which also set out our extended entitlement fees relating to services used outside that of the free entitlement hours.
  • To effectively manage our staffing and resourcing we require 6 weeks notice* in writing if you wish to cancel your booking or reduce the sessions required. This is applicable both prior to starting and during your time with us.  *1 months written notice at Edwinstowe Close and West Cambridge Day Nurseries.
  • If you are taking up a funded only place under the EYFE (Early Years Free Entitlement) notice is not required.
  • All fees are charged monthly in advance and must be paid by either Direct Debit, Voucher or Tax Free Childcare on the first of the month to which they relate.
  • Fees are payable during periods of absence including sickness, absence, inset days and during public and bank holidays.
  • Vouchers are required to be set up to ensure we are in receipt of the funds on or before the first day of the month to which they relate.
  • Our fees are calculated on the basis of the weekly charge for the sessions booked, multiplied by 52 (weeks) and then divided by 12 (months) to create a fixed monthly charge.
  • Extra days, sessions and hours outside that of your core booking are often available and can be obtained on an ad hoc basis. These are booked directly with the nursery management team and must be paid for in advance. These sessions are subject to availability of spaces and staffing requirements.
  • When a child starts, leaves or changes their booking pattern mid-month, a pro-rata calculation of fees applies. Childbase calculate this by taking the monthly fee for each type of session, multiplied by the number of sessions attended during the month in question, divided by the total number of possible sessions available for the whole calendar month.
  • Parents/guardians collecting children late from the nursery will be subject to a surcharge. Charges are made every 15 minutes or part thereof. Parents/guardians should be aware that the nursery has to be vacated by the designated closing time.

Safety and Well Being

  • If a child becomes unwell whilst in our care the Keyworker or Manager will contact the Parent / Guardian or the emergency contact detailed on the registration form. If the Manager deems that the child is not well enough to remain at Nursery you may be requested to arrange collection of your child.
  • If a child is unwell we ask that you contact the Nursery Manager to inform them of the absence. This is to ensure we are able to effectively communicate to all parents any communicable diseases in the nursery. A copy of our infection control policy is available at the nursery.
  • We will work with parents to cater for specific dietary and medical requirements of individual children. Parents have a duty of care to notify the nursery manager in writing if there are changes to a special diet or medical condition so that we can ensure all paperwork is updated in line with these changes. Any information by a third party in relation to the medical or dietary condition must also be shared with the nursery.
  • We have a duty of care to ensure that any significant concerns about the children in our care are reported to the local authority designated officer (LADO) and where appropriate Ofsted. We may consider any incident or observation of a child where we deem the child may have been or may be in the future at risk either physically or emotionally. In exceptional cases this may be done without the prior knowledge of the Parents / Guardian until we have sought external advice.
  • In exceptional circumstances there may be an event that triggers the closure of the nursery for example transport strikes, severe adverse weather conditions, personal health or acts of terrorism. Childbase in these circumstances will not be held responsible and will not issue refunds for such forced closures.
  • Childbase will not tolerate under any circumstances, behaviour towards Childbase Management or Nursery staff teams which is deemed to be threatening, abusive or violent. Any such behaviour may result in termination of the nursery place or a refusal to allow a person back on the premises in the future.


  • Childbase reserves the right to charge interest on late fees at the rate of 2% over the HSBC Bank rate. For re-presented payments, a minimum charge of £20 per occasion will be applied. Children may be excluded from the nursery if fees remain outstanding more than 21 days beyond the 1st of the month and the registration terminated.
  • Parents/guardians should be aware that the nursery has to be vacated by the designated closing time in line with our Ofsted registration conditions.
  • Childbase does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property.
  • Childbase does maintain insurances required by law, details of which are available from the Nursery Manager. Copies of the current Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Insurance policies are displayed on the notice board at the nursery.
  • Where a member of staff, within six months of leaving the employment of Childbase, is employed by a parent/guardian to care for their child, who was previously registered at the nursery, then the parent/guardian will be liable to pay Childbase a sum equivalent to 10% of their annual salary for the employee at the time their employment with Childbase terminated.
  • Our Privacy Notice can be found at: http://www.childbasepartnership.com/privacy-notice


A copy of our Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here