Policies and Procedures

It is the policy of Childbase Partnership to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of the children it cares for, its staff members and other persons who may be affected by its operations. Key policies can be accessed below.


Childbase Partnership is committed to the welfare and protection of all children in its care. We achieve this by identifying emerging issues, intervening early and working in partnership with other agencies. 

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Child Admissions Policy

 The purpose of this policy is to explain our admissions process.

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that only authorised persons have access to the Nursery whilst in operation in order to protect the safety of children and employees.

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Fire Safety

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety of children and colleagues within the nursery, in the event of an emergency which may result in evacuation. The evacuation will be carried out in a planned and precise fashion. Staff have registers which include all of your child’s details. 

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Health, Medicines and Infectious Diseases

 Childbase will endeavour to cater for all children with regards to medical conditions, infectious diseases and health requirements. Childbase does not employ medical professionals and we are required to follow the instructions presented to us by prescription labels, industry best practice, governmental guidelines and medication packaging.

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Special Dietary Requirements

Childbase endeavours to cater for all of the children at the Nursery, and that would extend to those who have additional requirements due to their health, religion or personal preferences. To that end we operate a colour coded plate system to ensure that the correct meal is served to the correct child.

Details of a given child’s dietary requirements are obtained during the registration process in close consultation with the Parent and/or Guardian along with any Medical Specialists or General Practitioners as required.

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Diversity and Equality

Childbase Partnership aims to provide equal opportunities in a positive manner to ensure that all staff value and respect the different racial origins, religions, cultures and languages of the children in their care and their families/guardians.

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We set high expectations through encouraging and praising appropriate behaviour. We believe children benefit most where adults adopt a consistent and positive approach to the management of their behaviour.

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Collection of Children

 The Safety of the children is of paramount importance. Therefore Childbase has a strict policy for the collection of children from their nurseries. A copy of this policy forms part of the ‘registration information about your child’ held in the appendices to this manual and should be given to the Parent before the child commences at nursery.

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Late Collection

The sessions and closing times are detailed on each individual nursery pages. We expect children to be collected promptly.

Full details on late collection can be found within our terms and conditions found here.

No Smoking

Childbase Partnership has a no smoking policy in all nurseries. Parents/guardians, colleagues and visitors are asked not to smoke in or around the immediate building.

Change of Circumstances

It is very important that our child records are up to date.

If any details you originally gave the nursery upon registration change throughout the year, please pass them on to the Manager so the registration documents can be amended.

Parental Responsibility

We have a legal responsibility to involve anyone who has Parental Responsibility in your child’s care and education, regardless of whether this is your wish or not until such time that an order from the Court directs us otherwise. Where any family disputes arise during your child’s time at nursery we ask that our staff are not put in any difficult situations

Swap Sessions

Nurseries offer up to three swap sessions for each child per calendar year, 1st January through to 31st December.

Swap sessions are offered as a goodwill gesture and therefore do not form part of our terms and conditions. Swap sessions are subject to the nurseries availability in both room capacity and staffing and are not guaranteed. There is no monetary value offered if the swap sessions are not utilised or are unable to be given due to nursery availability.

Funded only sessions cannot be swapped and parents are unable to carry over sessions into the next calendar year. The session that you request as a swap must be a like for like session for the day of absence.

We politely ask parents to request their swap session in writing stating both the planned absence day and the day they would like to book as a swap. The absence day must precede the attending swap day.

Swap sessions are offered pro-rata based on when you start within the year i.e. if you start between January and April you get three, May to August you get two and September to December you get one.

Inset Days

Inset days are held twice per year to aid staff development and training, nurseries will close for the duration of one day and parents will be informed directly by their nursery ahead of these dates.

We believe Inset days are the best way for us to give staff the uninterrupted time in nursery they and the children need, while maintaining the range and quality of our training programmes, which ensure our children are expertly supported in their development.

Customer Complaints

If you have any cause for complaint, please speak in the first instance to the Nursery Manager or another member of the management team.

Alternatively you may wish to call our Customer Care Line on 01908 211699 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday 

Written complaints will be passed as necessary to relevant parties at higher management levels, who will respond to you directly.

You may also contact Ofsted on: 0300 1234 234

Details of this office will be displayed on the parents’ notice board at nursery.

Any complaints received will be logged at the nursery.

Cedars Day Nursery - Leighton Buzzard

We prioritise the importance of outdoor play at Cedars Day Nursery in Leighton Buzzard. All children at our Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ nursery have access to our large, natural garden area on a daily basis as we recognise the impact that being outdoors has on a child’s social, emotional and physical development. The children enjoy planting vegetables and tasting their produce, served by our dedicated Nursery Chef.

Cedars Day Nursery, Mentmore Rd, Leighton Buzzard LU7 2PA

Tel:  01525 850200

Email: cedars.nursery@childbase.com