Our Menus

Our Menus

Providing a balanced, healthy diet for your child requires both expertise and imagination, which is why our menus follow the Early Years guidelines from the Children's Food Trust. Using this guidance we ensure that our food is perfect for your child’s growing body and mind.


Good nutrition sits at the heart of our approach to a healthy lifestyle for your child. Not only do we believe it is essential for children’s natural growth, it’s central to their concentration, learning and development too, helping them get the most from their time at our nursery.

Eating is about more than food: it is a social event too, so the nursery’s practitioners join your child’s mealtimes. This encourages interaction between children, good table manners and development of social skills. It is also the ideal way to offer your child a little help if needed, answer their questions about food and praise their independence.

Your child’s transition to solid foods can be challenging, so we will work with you to choose the best time to introduce greater variety in their meals.

Each nursery will work with families to tailor the menu to support children through the weaning process.

Our comprehensive Special Diet Procedure ensures every specific dietary need is met, with minimum fuss and maximum attention to each individual child, whether through medical, religious or other requirements.

All our food can be traced along its simple supply chain, which is backed by rigorous quality assurance processes.

You can view each nursery's current menu on their page.

We have been awarded the Food for Life Silver Award.