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Windmill Hill Day Nursery children enjoy French lessons

Budding young linguists from Windmill Hill Day Nursery in Swindon are learning a variety of new words and phrases thanks to weekly French lessons at the setting.

At the day nursery on Windmill Business Park, Whitehill Way, pre-schoolers enjoy a visit from ‘French with Fun’ tutor Carole Crawford every Tuesday, where the children are taught the language in an array of exciting methods, including through song.

The interest the children have shown in French has also enabled staff to extend their planning to educate the pre-schoolers further around France as a country; including exploring culture, weather, landmarks and local cuisine.

Windmill Hill Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Kayleigh Blaylock explained;

“The children love their lessons with Carole and often independently create French themed arts and crafts for her when she visits. Learning a language at a young age has not only been proven easier as the brain is still developing, but offers a range of ongoing social and cognitive benefits, increased problem solving skills and creativity.”