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What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Eggsceptional fun has been the theme at an Oxford day nursery, with the arrival of live eggs.

To celebrate the occasion of eggs arriving at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Julia Durbin Day Nursery, and in anticipation of their hatching, the children have taken part in egg themed activities. They have studied different type of bird eggs including, duck, quail and blue eggs. The children were able to compare the different eggs, weighing them, looking at comparisons and similarities.

The eggs were then cracked and cooked using a variety of methods including poached and scrambled. Children sampled the results and voted for their favourites.

It did not take long for the live chicks to hatch which inspired drawings, clay modelling and scientific analysis of the birds weight, height and growth.

Julia Durbin Manager Emma Wallbridge:

“The arrival of live eggs and the subsequent hatching has caused both excitement and wonderment all over the nursery. Live eggs are a great way of introducing children to lifecycles, scientific analysis and the food chain. Children at Julia Durbin are served eggs which come from hens which live in free range systems and we hope this topic has helped to promote sustainability.”

Two of the chicks, Rosie and Lollipop have now been adopted by a child in Julia Durbin. They are coming back to visit soon and everyone is looking forward to seeing how they have grown.