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Vegetable artistry at Oak Tree Day Nursery in Wokingham

Creativity knows no bounds at Oak Tree Day Nursery in Wokingham where even vegetables are used by the children to create new works of art.

Experimenting with fingers, sticks and conkers and a wide selection of paints at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day nursery in Nine Mile Ride, Finchampstead, the children also raided the vegetable basket in the ‘Home Corner’ at the nursery.

“We are focused on developing talents and giving the children every opportunity to express themselves. Observing the creative process in children and the curiosity that leads them to different tools and mediums is always fascinating,” said Oak Tree Manager, Jo Allen-Dann.

Pre-schoolers at Oak Tree not only use vegetables to make works of art, they are also enthusiastic growers in the allotment area of the nursery garden.

Oak Tree Day Nursery holds the prestigious Eco-Schools Bronze Award for environmental awareness and conservation.