News >> Swindon Pre Schoolers Become Pie Makers After Early Harvest

Swindon pre-schoolers become pie makers after early harvest

An early harvest of cooking apples turned Swindon pre-schoolers at Windmill Day Nursery into pie makers this week.

Peeling and chopping the home-grown fruits provided by 4 year Samuel, who attends the day nursery in Windmill Business Park in Whitehill Way, the children cooked the apples in the microwave in their home corner in the preschool room.

As Kayleigh Blaylock, Windmill Hill Deputy Manager, explained:

“The children love cooking and the process is always very messy and lots of fun. Where there is fun there is always learning from simple maths and science as they measure and combine the ingredients for pastry, to the importance of fruit and vegetables to healthy lifestyles.”

Saving their pies to eat with their parents, the children took the peelings to a compost bin in the garden where they also grow vegetables and herbs.

Holder of the prestigious Eco-Schools Silver Award for environmental awareness and conservation, Windmill Hill is powered by electricity from renewable sources and recycles all its waste materials so nothing goes to landfill.