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Spring arrivals at Windmill Hill Day Nursery

Children from Windmill Hill Day Nursery in Swindon are delightedly welcoming the arrival of chicks at the setting in order to learn more about life cycles. 

After watching them hatch from their eggs, children from the day nursery on Windmill Business Park, Whitehill Way named the chicks ‘Ronnie’, ‘Izzy’ and ‘Chirpy’, and are now learning how to effectively care for them in their early stages.

As well as having key responsibilities and the chance to hold and stroke the animals, pre-schoolers are observing them for life drawing sessions to showcase creativity.

Windmill Hill Day Nursery Manger, Lora Worthington explained;

“The arrival of the chicks has been an extremely positive and insightful experience which has given the children a much greater understanding of life cycles. Seeing the care and respect everyone has for them is lovely and teaches the responsibility in caring for other living creatures. In light of recent circumstances, this has also brought a great sense of joy to the children, parents and our colleagues.”