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Spring arrivals at Cedar Park Day Nursery

Children from Cedar Park Day Nursery in Twyford were delighted to celebrate the arrival of their newly-born chicks, having waited patiently for them to hatch.

At the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Bridge Farm Road, pre-schoolers were thrilled to follow the process from start to finish, from observing the eggs in the incubator to watching them grow, all whilst learning first-hand about life cycles. 

Pre-Schoolers have since been thrilled to learn how to effectively care for the creatures, as well as have the chance to hold, stroke and feed them.

Cedar Park Day Nursery Deputy to Area Manager, Rachael Main explained;

“We are lucky to already have three fully-grown pet chickens at Cedar Park, so it has been a wonderful experience for the children to witness the entire life cycle process. The arrival of the chicks has been so insightful, and also teaches important lessons such as the value and responsibility in caring for other living things.”