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‘Spooktasitc’ fun at Swindon Day Nursery

Halloween is being marked by children at Windmill Hill Day Nursery in Swindon with an array of fun filled, ‘spooktastic’ activities.


Creatures fashioned out of recycled materials have begun to appear as well as cotton wool ghosts at the nursery in Windmill Hill Business Park.


Pumpkins have been the focus of many educational activities including exploring the texture of the seeds, textures, colours and shape. Preschool are learning the skeleton song about body parts and enjoying the Funny Bones series.


Windmill Hill Manager Lisa Levene said:


“Halloween is always great fun at Windmill Hill Day Nursery and we introduce light-hearted activities to mark the occasion. Children are invited to dress up and we are also holding a pumpkin carving competition at the nursery for parents and children to take part in.”