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Serving real world experiences at the River View Day Nursery café

After discussing the experiences they were missing due to lockdown, children from River View Day Nursery in Hertford were delighted to create their very own café.

At the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on North Road, pre-schoolers took turns to serve each other as waiters and role play as customers in the garden restaurant outside, which is complete with cutlery, bowls, menus, recipe books and more, before creating the meals and drinks using a range of natural ingredients.

River View Day Nursery Team Leader, Susan Moses explained;

“As the children can’t currently go to the café, we thought we would bring the café to them. They had a brilliant time and this provided an excellent opportunity to support their interest in role playing life events. Imaginative play also presents a wide range of benefits such as developing confidence, self-esteem and communication.”