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Recycling challenge at Greengables Day Nursery

After receiving an exciting delivery of new toys, creative children from Greengables Day Nursery in Owlsmoor were set the eco-friendly challenge of turning the remaining boxes into something new and innovative with the help of practitioners.

Using their current interests of transport and nursery rhymes, delighted children from the day nursery on Yeovil Road were inspired to create a replica ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ train, as well as bus from one of their favourite songs, ‘Wheels on the Bus’ using a variety of mark making materials such as paint, pens, glue and glitter.

Once completed, children proudly paraded their designs around the room as part of a conga line, before using them as props whilst singing songs and playing instruments.

Greengables Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Julia Grant explained;

“The recycling challenge has provided endless opportunities for the children to showcase their creativity, which they have loved. As well as having lots of lovely new toys to play with, this activity has demonstrated the many possibilities that reusing items can offer. This also ties into our work with Eco-Schools, which encourages initiatives that help the planet and inspires many ways in which this can be done.”

Greengables Day Nursery holds a prestigious ‘Green Flag’ award, the highest accolade in the internationally recognised Eco-Schools scheme, for exceptional environmental awareness and conservation efforts.