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Ready, Steady, Grow at Knowle Green Day Nursery

Green fingered children from Knowle Green Day Nursery in Staines are making the most of the sunshine by tending to plants and monitoring their growth in their newly expanded garden area outside.

At the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery in Knowle Green, children have the opportunity to learn all about different plant species and the conditions they require to thrive by caring for them first hand. This also aids the development of fine motor skills with actions such as digging, planting and watering. 

Knowle Green Day Nursery Team Leader, Hannah Willis explained;

“The children love being outdoors and have a great deal of care and respect for the environment which is lovely to see. Not only is tending to the plants visibly rewarding, but teaches the value and responsibility in caring for other living things also.”

Knowle Green Day Nursery currently holds an Eco-Schools ‘Silver’ award for exceptional environmental awareness and conservation and is working their way towards the top ‘Green Flag’ Award in the internationally recognised schools scheme.