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Practicing yoga and mindfulness at Green Park Day Nursery

‘Child’s Pose’ and ‘The Tree’ were just some of the moves practiced by children from Green Park Day Nursery in Reading as they took part in an outdoor yoga class.

Using their new specialised woodland play area named ‘Nature Island’, delighted children from the day nursery in Lime Square took their yoga mats outside, where they enjoyed a yoga and mindfulness session in small groups, led by practitioners.

Studies have shown yoga offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to children’s development, including balance, concentration, posture and self-awareness.

Going forward, the space will also be used for Forest School sessions, where children can take part in exciting activities and learning opportunities such as den and campfire building, all of which are led by a qualified Forest School Leader.

Green Park Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Lisa Manston explained;

“The children had a fantastic time taking part in the yoga and we are looking forward to introducing these sessions more frequently. All children have daily access to our beautiful new Nature Island facility as we fully recognise the positive impact that being outdoors has on a child’s social, emotional and physical development.”