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Pancake Day treats for Green Park Day Nursery team

Chocolate, strawberries, lemon and sugar were just some of the toppings that colleagues from Green Park Day Nursery in Reading enjoyed on their pancakes as grateful managers treated them to a handmade Shrove Tuesday spread.

As part of the festivities, which symbolise the ‘feast’ before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, Nursery Manager, Mandy Cooper and Deputy Manager, Lisa Manston showcased their culinary talents by making fresh pancakes throughout the day for the hardworking team at the day nursery on South Oak Way.

Green Park Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Lisa Manston explained;

“We are incredibly proud of the way in which our wonderful colleagues have navigated the past year and shown such positivity in spite of the pandemic, so we like to show them how valued they are whenever possible. We had a brilliant time celebrating Pancake Day and discussing this popular tradition with the children.”