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Ocean focus for Maples Day Nursery eco-warriors

Little eco-warriors at Maples Day Nursery in Winchester are doing their best to save the planet with extensive recycling and learning about the damage humans can do to different natural environments.

Focusing on the oceans during themed activities at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day nursery in Hatherley Road, the pre-schoolers created pristine sand and sea models and then added ‘oil’ and debris to show the effects on marine life.

In crafting zones in the age-appropriate play and learning spaces at the nursery, plastic ties, bottle tops and paint were used to create pictures of the sea.

In fact nothing is wasted at Maples as empty yoghurt pots and cardboard find a second life during ‘junk modelling’ sessions and food waste is composted in the garden for the vegetable and flower crops planted by children.

Even the melons currently growing in the garden are the result of seeds collected and planted by the children following fruit snacks served in nursery.

“Our children are enthusiastic recyclers and developing a respect for the environment and its inhabitants, which bodes well for the future,” said Maples Manager, Sarah Gibson.