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Nene Valley Day Nursery mark British Science Week

Electricity and explosions were just some of the topics that children from Nene Valley Day Nursery in Cliftonville explored as part of ‘British Science Week’.

At the day nursery on Northampton General Hospital Complex, pre-schoolers were delighted to make their own miniature test tube experiments using bicarbonate of soda, water, food colouring, as well as exploring a plasma ball to learn more about electromagnetic charges as part of the celebrations.

The children regularly take part in ‘STEM’ activities, incorporating ‘Science’, ‘Technology’, ‘Engineering’ and ‘Maths’ into learning, as well as basic mathematic messages to encourage children to think critically.

Nene Valley Day Nursery Practitioner, Ryan Meakins explained;

“Science helps children to develop key life skills including forming opinions based on observations and problem solving. As well as being fun, we hope the STEM activities will inspire a passion for the subjects in both the girls and the boys which we can continue to nurture in nursery.”

Run by the British Science Association, ‘British Science Week’ looks to celebrate the importance of science in our everyday lives and encourage more people to pursue an interest in the field.