News >> Knowle Green Day Nursery Children Visit London Sea Life Centre

Knowle Green Day Nursery children visit London SEA LIFE centre

Jellyfish, sharks and turtles were just some of the creatures that children from Knowle Green Day Nursery in Staines were delighted to see as they visited London’s SEA LIFE centre to learn more about the marine life that resides there.

After exploring the topic of ‘under the sea’ following an interest in their class fish, children from the day nursery in Knowle Green visited the famous aquarium on the South Bank, where they learnt more about conservation efforts, observed feeding time and were even able to stroke a starfish.

Knowle Green Team Leader, Hannah Willis explained;

“We had a fantastic time exploring at the aquarium and this was a great opportunity for the children to have a real world experience based on something learnt in nursery. The trip has given us a great deal of inspiration for future activities and we are looking forward to developing this focus further.”