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The ‘Jungle’ comes to Buckingham Day Nursery

Beware of the tigers at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Field House Day Nursery in Buckingham, as the rainforest has moved in.

The nursery has set up a ‘jungle’ area in the nursery, complete with a themed Tuff Tray. This has been set up with green spaghetti and green jelly to create a jungle swamp using small world animals, combining different textures to give a sensory experience.

Field House Manager Kellie Seaton said:

“This topic was inspired by a child who developed an interest in elephants after watching the film ‘The Jungle Book’ at home. Our highly trained practitioners developed this child-led interest into a nursery topic that all the children enjoy and learn from.”

Child-led play is an important feature at Field House. Nursery practitioners understand that children learn best when they have a natural interest in a topic so they actively encourage ideas and creativity.