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Julia Durbin pre-schoolers show off pearly white smiles

Smiles at Julia Durbin Day Nursery in Oxford were brighter than usual following a visit by a dentist and a master class on how to keep teeth pearly white and healthy.

Even Emma Wallbridge, Manager of the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day nursery in Roosevelt Drive, Headington, got in on the act applying a ‘plaque search’ solution and lining up with children to brush teeth properly in the mirror.

She thanked Dentist Siddhika Kadambari, who has a child at the nursery, for the activities and visual aids she produced which generated a lot of excitement in the children.

“It is vital that visits like this are fun and memorable as they underpin our lessons around nutrition, healthy lifestyles and introducing our children to people in the community who can help and support them,” she said.

Mrs. Kadambari produced a visual board with empty packets and cans to show the children how many teaspoons of sugar were contained in each and talked to them about making good choices when eating and drinking, and keeping treats to once a week.

Each child received a bag with a tooth brush and paste and was given a master class in effective brushing after the plaque solution was applied.

“It was so much fun and the children gained so much from it. I joined in on the plaque search to reassure the children and we all laughed as we lined up in front of the mirror with big pink smiles,” said Emma.