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International Eco award for two Childbase nurseries

Rowan Tree and Lime Grove Day Nurseries have won a top Environmental award in an international schools scheme involving millions of children across 64 countries.

Only 53 early years settings nationwide have achieved the prestigious Green Flag award for environmental awareness and conservation sparking celebrations at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day nurseries in Hertfordshire.

Like all Childbase Partnership day nurseries, they are powered by green electricity from renewable sources like the sun and wind; en route to zero waste to landfill and have children in all ages involved in a variety of eco projects.

A delighted Charlotte Lucas, Manager of Lime Grove Day Nursery in Hemel Hempstead, said the award was the culmination of years of sustained effort by staff and children working together in the global Eco-Schools programme.

“Respecting and protecting the environment is an important part of our commitment to give our children the best possible future but we have been surprised by just how many children are fully engaged in these projects,” she said.

At Rowan Tree in Guessens Road, Welwyn Garden City, Manager Claire Ovenden said:

“You have to remember that this is predominately a schools programme involving older children. That children as young as three can talk competently about how and why we need to protect the environment is cause for celebration and optimism for the future.” 

“All the children love the activities and are learning so much about maths, science and the environment as they go. We are excited about the levels of collaboration we are seeing and how these projects are contributing to children’s self-confidence, development of communication skills and their general understanding of the world,” she added.

To attain Green Flag accreditation, the nurseries had to first obtain Bronze and Silver status before a seven step programme led by their Eco-Committees involving staff and pre-school children.

Rigorous vetting of the projects was carried out by independent inspectors who toured the nursery with the young conservationists before the sustainable, eco-friendly Green Flag and certificate was awarded.

In addition to tending crops of vegetables and herbs, the introduction of bird houses, a bug hotel, bee-friendly plants and a compost bin in the garden, the nurseries appoint Eco Spies each day who wear stickers to identify them as the help their friends ensure resources like paper aren’t wasted; taps are not left running and that knowledge about conservation is shared.

Passionate about recycling, materials are reused in craft projects so that just over 1 per cent of waste ends up in landfill.