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International Day of Happiness at Highfield Day Nursery

From discussing what they are most grateful for to taking part in mindfulness activities such as yoga, children and colleagues from Highfield Day Nursery in Edgbaston were delighted to spend ‘International Day of Happiness’ together.

At the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Highfield Road, children made memories by posing for photos with their friends, using a handmade happiness photo frame, whilst hardworking practitioners were gifted with goodies whilst honouring their colleagues in an ‘employee of the month’ ceremony.

Highfield Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Laura Phipps explained;

“We have had a lovely day celebrating the people and things that bring us happiness, especially in light of current events. It was also brilliant to be able to put on treats for our dedicated colleagues, who have been working so hard to create learning resources to provide extra support to parents.”