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'Impersonating’ police officers at Greengables Day Nursery in Sandhurst

Children aren’t the only ones who enjoy dressing up at Greengables Day Nursery in Sandhurst as staff members climbed into uniforms supplied by local police during a visit with pre-schoolers last week.

Acting Room Leader, Summa Chesterman was first into the uniform while four year-old Charlie laid claim to the police dressing up costume at the day nursery in Yeovil Road, Owlsmoor, for activities themed on ‘People who help Us’.

As Jennifer Ralphs, Manager of Greengables Day Nursery, explained the visit caused great excitement for all age groups, from six weeks to five years, as Police Constables Woolnough and Wildridge applied lights and sirens on their van as part of their demonstration.

“Visits like this give a whole new meaning to the lessons we are teaching our children about road safety and personal security,” she said.

“It is absolutely essential to make the learning process fun and memorable if we are to create confident children who are equipped to deal with a variety of situations. This is particularly important when it comes to their safety,” she added, praising the community police officers for their sensitive approach.