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Harnessing ‘Pet Power’ at Winchester day nursery

Staff and children at West Downs Day Nursery in Winchester took their study of animals to new levels recently when they welcomed a centipede, a snake and a rabbit for a visit from ZooLab.


The ‘hands on experience’ at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day nursery on Romsey Road was designed to encourage a respect for the natural world.


West Downs Manager Lyndsey Burns said:


“The children’s joy at being so close to an animal and the facts they absorb and share following a visit like this makes it a hugely rewarding experience for everybody involved.


Looking at and handling animals that live, for example, in the earth’s rainforests brings this habitat to life in ways that books and visual aids simply can’t do. Simple science, biology and even conservation ideas have more impact when a child interacts with another living creature and this provides the foundation for more formalised learning later on.”