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Greengables Day Nursery earn Woodland Trust ‘Silver’ award

There were smiles all round at Greengables Day Nursery in Owlsmoor as proud children and practitioners were awarded their ‘Silver’ accreditation as part of the Woodland Trust ‘Green Tree Schools’ programme, following a series of activities.

In order to work their way towards the award, pre-schoolers from the day nursery on Yeovil Road were delighted to take part in a range of interactive experiments to learn about topics such as power and o2 emissions, including creating a circuit board to generate their own energy and using balloons to make static electricity.

Following this, pre-schoolers enjoyed detailed discussions regarding the where energy comes from and how we use it, as well as exploring various energy sources, from wind turbines to the solar panels that power the nursery building.

A recycling project has also captivated children at the setting, who have been researching why this initiative is so important and how we can reduce our waste, whilst using re-used materials wherever possible for crafting activities. The nursery is proud to send zero waste to landfill, whilst also recycling batteries and cartridges.

There are currently more than 12,000 schools taking part in the Woodland Trust initiative, which sees children take part in projects in exchange for points. This also links to the nursery’s work alongside Eco-Schools, for which they have earnt a prestigious ‘Green Flag’ award for exceptional environmental practices at the setting.

Greengables Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Julia Grant explained;

“We are so thrilled to have reached the next milestone in the Green Tree Schools project and are delighted to see how much the children enjoy these activities. Not only do they teach invaluable messages about the environment, but provide endless chances to be creative, as the pre-schoolers have demonstrated by making beautiful posters about subjects such as turning off lights and taps where possible.”