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Green Park Preschool Eco-Warriors help declining bee population

Four year old graduates of Green Park Day Nursery in Reading have left a lasting reminder of their time there by planting Lavender to help the declining bee population.

The preschool eco warriors at the day nursery in Lime Square followed their commemorative planting with a final expedition to the lakes and nature trails around the Green Park Business Park to observe a variety of wildlife.

Stuart Thomson, practitioner at the day nursery and member of the Green Park Day Nursery Eco-Committee, said lessons came to life as they watched a heron capture, and swallow whole, a large fish.

“I have never seen anything like it and was so happy the children, who described the experience as “Very Cool”, were there to see it,” said Stuart who has a degree in Environmental Management and is responsible for promoting awareness and respect for the environment amongst children.

Together with Stuart and Faye Kelland, Green Park Business Biodiversity expert, the children observed ducks and blackbirds around the lakes and found insect ‘hotels’, hedgehog ‘houses’ and bird and bat boxes along the trail.

“Nature is the best teacher so it is up to us to provide as many opportunities and positive experiences as possible to empower children to drive change and make them more environmentally aware,” said Stuart.

In addition to the three staff members, the Eco committee at the day nursery has pre-schoolers who lead activities like planting, tending and harvesting vegetable crops; monitor recycling efforts, and help their friends ensure resources like paper aren’t wasted; taps are not left running and that knowledge about conservation is shared.