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Grand designs at Pennypot Day Nursery

Children from Pennypot Day Nursery in Chobham are hard at work producing show stopping builds in the nursery’s thriving construction area.

Wearing hard hats and high-vis jackets, preschoolers from the day nursery in Pennypot Lane have been creating an array of structures from houses to bridges using real building materials including bricks and sand.

The children have also been making detailed blueprints in their newly donated construction site office, thanks to ‘Challenge Fencing Ltd’. Inside are a table and chairs, telephone and clipboards to provide an efficient working space which brings creativity to life.

Pennypot Day Nursery Manager, Carol McDonough explained;

“The construction area is hugely popular with the children and is great for capturing their imaginations. This initiative is teaching them the value of teamwork and problem solving, whilst also developing their basic maths and fine motor skills by using tools like the spirit level.”