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Getting close to nature at Windmill Hill Day Nursery

Young environmentalists from Windmill Hill Day Nursery in Swindon were delighted to showcase their creativity by making a bug hotel to attract local wildlife.

After gathering a range of natural materials including bark, sticks, leaves and pinecones in the garden outside, pre-schoolers from the day nursery on Windmill Business Park, Whitehill Way, worked together to assemble their impressive insect habitat, before exploring with magnifying glasses for creatures that may want to visit.

Having found worms and a number of other exciting insects, children then discussed the benefits of the bug hotel, from how it would help provide creatures with a space to shelter from the weather, escape predators and raise their young, all while providing a space that the pre-schoolers could use for observations and learning.  

Windmill Hill Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Kayleigh Blaylock explained;

“The children have shown a real interest in insects lately so it was brilliant to extend this with a practical activity which offers so many rewards. We had a wonderful time constructing the bug hotel and this provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about the natural world around us, develop communication and build team working skills. We are now looking forward seeing the habitat in use in the coming months.”

It is for such initiatives that Windmill Hill was awarded a prestigious Green Flag as part of the internationally-recognised Eco-Schools scheme, the highest accolade in the programme, which is given for exceptional environmental awareness efforts.