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Getting close to nature at Greengables Day Nursery

Ahead of World Environment Day on Saturday, children from Greengables Day Nursery in Owlsmoor were delighted to witness first-hand the life cycle process of a butterfly, thanks to a special live growing and observation kit at the setting.

At the day nursery on Yeovil Road, pre-schoolers were captivated as they watched the caterpillars transform into a chrysalis, before emerging as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. The children then went on to set them free in the wild flower garden outside, as well as dressing up as the creatures to help them on their journey.

Following on from this, children were keen to co-research the different types of butterfly that are native to the UK using books and the smart board, as well as investigating the steps they could take to attract more of them to the garden.  

It is for such activities and initiatives that Greengables have been awarded a prestigious Green Flag award as part of the internationally-recognised Eco-Schools scheme, the highest accolade is the programme, which is given for exceptional environmental conservation and awareness practices.

Greengables Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Julia Grant explained;

“We had a brilliant few weeks watching the caterpillars transform into butterflies and everyone was fascinated to watch this process in person. This was such a rich learning experience for the children, which has also provided them with a deeper understanding of both metamorphosis and the natural world around them.”