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‘Firemen Alessandro’ joins ‘Blue Watch’ for a day.

Three-year-old honorary ‘fire-fighter’ Alessandro Ghislazoni proved he was ready for anything when Chiswick’s ‘Blue Watch’ paid Devonshire Day nursery a visit last week.

Manning hoses and pumping water was just one of the many treats on offer as excited children welcomed Chiswick fire fighters - engine sirens blaring - to the day nursery inBennett Street. 

The visit is part of themed activities at the nursery where children of all ages are learning about local services and 'People who help us'. 

And that is exactly what 'Blue Watch' did delivering important messages to the children - like how to make a 999 call in an emergency - while showing them breathing apparatus and how water is pumped from the fire engine during emergencies. 

As Devonshire Manager Dee Townsend, explained the 'learning through play' programmes involving local community services are essential in preparing children for wider roles and responsibilities in their communities. 

"It is so important for children to experience 'real life' activities, making their learning more meaningful and memorable. We hope they will never need to use the information they learned today and will only enjoy the memory of being honorary 'fire fighters' for a few hours," she said thanking 'Blue Watch' for their wonderful support. 

From babies to pre-schoolers, all the children were allowed inside the fire engine and given the opportunity to wear official fire fighting uniform while the older children held the hose and witnessed how water was pumped. 

Representatives from other essential local services will be visiting the nursery as part of the on-going activities centred on 'People who help us'. 

Pictured: 'Honorary firemen' Alessandro Ghislazoni (3) with fire engine hose.