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Exploring the natural world at Greengables Day Nursery

After finding a small colony of ants in the garden outside, pre-schoolers from Greengables Day Nursery in Owlsmoor were inspired to find out more about the insects and create their very own ‘Ant World’ to observe them further.

Pre-schoolers from the day nursery on Yeovil Road began by collecting several ants and transferring them into the purpose-built environment where they could be seen making tunnels and exploring their new surroundings. This was followed by the children creating a research table, filled with books, facts and related resources.

The children studied the ants at a closer range using magnifying glasses, before venturing into the garden to observe the other minibeasts in their environment.  

Greengables Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Julia Grant explained;

“The children have been so fascinated by the ants and have really enjoyed learning more about the way in which they live. This has also linked brilliantly to our ongoing Eco-Schools work, which aims to teach children the importance of caring for and understanding the natural world and everything in it.”