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Exciting learning experiences for Windmill Hill Day Nursery children

Following an interest in transport, children from Windmill Hill Day Nursery in Swindon were thrilled to welcome their first external visitor since the pandemic began, thanks to a local haulage company who brought in a large lorry for the group to explore.

During the exciting car park visit from Les Smith Haulage, pre-schoolers from the day nursery on Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, had the opportunity to sit inside of the lorry cab, see inside the trailer, observe the engine, touch the large wheels and most importantly, sound the loud horn, much to their delight.

Windmill Hill Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Kayleigh Blaylock explained;

“We love to follow the children’s interests and were very lucky to receive this special visit, as the company is owned by the partner of one of our colleagues who kindly gave up his time to come and see us. We had a brilliant morning and this provided an excellent opportunity to develop vocabulary skills through the use of descriptive language, as well as enhance knowledge and cultural capital experiences.”