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Exciting experiments at Julia Durbin Day Nursery

Budding young scientists from Julia Durbin Day Nursery in Headington have been working hard to research and make their very own exploding volcanoes.

At the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Roosevelt Drive, pre-schoolers used their investigative skills to find out how volcanoes function, before adding vinegar to bicarbonate of soda to create their very own lava eruption.

To further the learning experience, the children went on to create their very own volcano themed story as a group, taking it in turns to add a sentence. They then presented their work to proud practitioners and drew accompanying pictures.

The children regularly take part in ‘STEM’ activities as part of an initiative which looks to integrate ‘Science’, ‘Technology’, ‘Engineering’ and ‘Maths’ into everyday learning and develop interest, as well as encouraging the pre-schoolers to think critically. 

Julia Durbin Day Nursery Practitioner, Adam Jackson explained;

“We had a brilliant time making our very own volcanoes and are looking forward to carrying out more experiments like this one soon. Science helps children to develop key life skills including forming opinions based on observations and problem solving. As well as being fun, we hope the STEM activities will inspire a passion for the subjects in both the girls and the boys which we can continue to nurture in nursery.”