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England Rugby player inspires Northampton pre-schoolers

Justine Lucas, England Rugby player and world cup finalist, put pre-schoolers through their paces during a visit to Nene Valley Day Nursery in Northampton.

In addition to showing off her medals and giving children the chance to dress up in her national kit, the England prop, who has won 33 caps to play for England, stressed the importance of sport to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Donna Waterfield, Third in Charge at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Nene Valley Day Nursery on the General Hospital Complex in Cliftonville, described the visit as inspirational and a lot of fun.

“Justine was amazing and the children clearly loved all the activities. There were plenty of questions and a new term for a rugby scrum was born as one child renamed it a ‘pile hug’,” she said

The visit was arranged as part of themed activities at the nursery focused on healthy lifestyles and helping children to develop their confidence, self-esteem and skills in team working.

Justine, a Six Nations Grand Slam finalist, said she was hoping to inspire a generation into sport and hopefully a few Nene Valley children would find a special connection to rugby.

“I tried all sports but didn’t start playing rugby until I was 20. I just loved it and became hooked. That’s the message, try everything and give it a go because there may be just one sport that is waiting for you,” she said.