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Delivering kindness at Grasshoppers Day Nursery

Thoughtful colleagues from Grasshoppers Day Nursery in St Albans have shown appreciation for their local postal and delivery workers by creating a trolley of treats for them to enjoy whilst completing their daily rounds within the community.

The trolley, which contains items including water bottles, juice, breakfast bars, biscuits, porridge, cakes and more, has been put together by the team at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on York Road as a thank you to the employees who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure essential supplies continue to be delivered to the setting, helping everything to run smoothly.

Grasshoppers Day Nursery Business Administrator, Hannah Miller explained;

“We are so grateful to all of these incredible workers that have continued to make such timely deliveries to us with a smile on their face. Their efforts and hard work help us to ensure we have everything we need to do our jobs from letters, equipment, food, cleaning products, art supplies and more. We wanted to make this gesture as their job truly does make ours possible and we can’t thank them enough.”