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David Attenborough inspires Woodlands Day Nursery children

Following the popularity of David Attenborough’s latest nature documentary named ‘Life On Our Planet’, children from Woodlands Day Nursery in Barnet were inspired to take part in a range of environmental themed activities.

At the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Orchard Road, pre-schoolers learnt about the importance of recycling and how this can help to protect our oceans. To demonstrate this, practitioners filled a tray with pretend marine animals, as well as rubbish such as bottles and crisp packets, and encouraged children to then sort these into the correct bins to clear the water.

Delighted children from the setting then went on to learn about life cycles with the help of the resident pet nursery snails, who have recently had babies. As well as finding out how they reproduce, the pre-schoolers were thrilled to feed and care for them, hold them and watch them grow bigger over the weeks.

It is for these activities and initiatives that Woodlands have earnt a ‘Bronze’ award as part of the internationally-recognised Eco-Schools scheme, which rewards settings for their exceptional environmental awareness and conservation practices. The nursery is now working their way towards the ‘Silver’ accreditation and has implemented a number of practices to get there.

Woodlands Day Nursery Manager, Melina Koulakis explained;

“We have recently formed an eco-committee of colleagues who will ensure that the rest of the nursery is being environmentally conscious and will implement new green initiatives where possible. The environmental activities are hugely popular with the children and they have a great deal of care for nature, which we believe will stand them in great stead for their adult lives.”

Throughout October, Woodlands colleagues are also pledging to find greener alternatives whilst commuting to work such as walking and cycling, in efforts to lower their individual carbon footprints.