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Cranfield Day Nursery Celebrates Elmer Day

Cherry Trees Day Nursery on Duncan Road, Cranfield is marking Elmer Day with a week long programme of events.

Children and practitioners will be dressing up in bright clothes throughout the week in honour of the patchwork elephant. The younger children will be exploring bright coloured sensory activities including coloured ice and cornflour, rainbow playdough, coloured pasta and rice play. The older children have created a jungle area and are learning about animal footprints and markings as well as colours and comparing our own hand and footprints.  Preschool are doing self-portraits where they are looking into mirrors and exploring similarities and differences between themselves and others.  

Nursery Manager Emma Jestice said:

“Elmer is a classic story which explores the concept of diversity in a way that is easy to understand for younger children. Generations of children have grown up enjoying the Elmer tales and we are delighted to be marking the event with a week filled with fun, bright and engaging activities.”