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Cooking up a storm at Julia Durbin Day Nursery

Budding young chefs from Julia Durbin Day Nursery in Headington were delighted to showcase their culinary skills by making their very own healthy pizzas with toppings.

Having been inspired by a classmate that is moving to New York, children from the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Roosevelt Drive enjoyed using their five senses to explore the array of fresh ingredients, before creating the pizzas and packaging them into authentic takeaway boxes to further the learning experience.

Julia Durbin Day Nursery Deputy Manager, Aimee Corcoran explained;

“The children had a brilliant time making their pizzas and this provided many opportunities to prepare their friend for the transition abroad and build confidence in the kitchen, as well as encourage the use of new language, develop fine motor skills and practice basic maths concepts through weighing and measuring.”