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Christmas Magic - Pre-schoolers’ carol concert

There wasn’t a dry eye at the Mulberry Day Nursery carol concert as pre-schoolers as young as three years old entertained their parents in Maidenhead on Saturday and raised cash for a children’s charity.

Following weeks of practice at the nursery in Boyn Hill Avenue and at home, children of all ages gathered on stage at the nearby Salvation Army Hall to perform their favourite carols and treat parents, family and friends to tea and biscuits they made earlier.

As Mulberry Deputy Manager, Samantha Renshaw, explained:

“The lead-up to Christmas in nursery is always wonderful and I don’t know who is more excited – the children or the staff team. The children have been so excited about the concert they have been eagerly practicing for weeks. Today’s performance definitely had us all reaching for our tissues. It was absolutely magical,” she said.

The sale of cakes made by Nursery Chefs, Godwin Sewor and Karen Taylor and staff and children raised £96.20p for the charity Children Today, which provides specialised equipment and services for children and young people with disabilities.

Thanking parents and guests for their support and generosity, Samantha explained why the charity, which has been adopted by the nursery for a year-long fund-raising drive, is so important.

“At the moment our wonderful, healthy happy children are eagerly anticipating gifts of toys at Christmas while other children, who  face up to a range of challenges every day, are hoping for essential presents like ventilation machines for Cystic Fibrosis sufferers, wheelchairs and mobility aids which are not provided by the Government or NHS,” she said.