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Childbase ‘Family Day Out’ for over 2,000

Childbase Partnership employees enjoyed an additional benefit of owning their company during an expenses paid ‘Family Fun Day’ out for over 2,000 adults and children in UK theme parks and Zoos.

For Libby, daughter of Natasha Andree, a practitioner at Victoria House Day Nursery in Marlow, the annual event at the company coincided with her fifth birthday celebrations. Her delighted mother said:

“Of all the perks there are in being an owner of the company this one means the most as I get to treat my family. My daughter had so much fun. It’s a fantastic way to reward staff.”

Nearly 800 employees of the company, which won the Chairman’s ‘Best in Europe’ trophy in the prestigious European Business Awards this summer, applied for tickets to local attractions which included Whipsnade Zoo and Chessington World of Adventure.

The outing followed a music festival-themed event with ‘glamping’ just weeks earlier when the company honoured ‘The Best of the Best’ from its 41 day nurseries in the South of England at an annual awards ceremony, and celebrated the first anniversary of its move to full employee ownership.

As Childbase Partnership Managing Director, Virginia Mead-Herbert, explained all 1,800 employee partners in the business have a voice and - using an Employee Communication App on their phones - access to information and decision-making at times convenient to them.

“The Partnership is founded on the principle that employee well-being, engagement and retention is critical to consistently high quality provision. That means we are listening and not only for business and practice ideas but also how our commercial success should be shared,” she said.

Last summer the company moved from individual share ownership to a long term Trust which benefits everybody, equally, for generations to come. The first Partnership Dividend payment totaling £850,000 was made in January this year.