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Celebrating the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore at Nature Trails Day Nursery

Children and colleagues from Nature Trails Day Nursery in Cawston have been celebrating the life and legacy of Captain Sir Tom Moore with a ‘Superhero Day’ at the setting.

At the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Coventry Road, the achievements of the beloved centurion and fundraiser were honoured through a series of special activities, which included creating a rainbow memorial display and union jack artwork, taking a 100 step walk in the garden outside and having a group clap by way of tribute.

Dressed as other superheroes, children discussed the people that inspire them, whilst kind-hearted parents made donations to the setting’s charity partner, Cancer Research UK.

Nature Trails Day Nursery Charity Representative, Louise Gulliver said;

“We have closely followed the story of Captain Tom at Nature Trails and wanted to pay our respects to his extraordinary life with the children. We had a lovely day remembering the amazing gesture he made to help better the lives of others, whilst dressing up as other superheroes, including doctors and nurses and raising money for our own charity partner, Cancer Research UK.”