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Celebrating colleague traditions at Woodlands Day Nursery

Colleagues from Woodlands Day Nursery in Milton Keynes were delighted to gain an insight into Polish tradition as they received a visit from a local mobile café as part of ‘Tłusty Czwartek’ celebrations at the award-winning setting.

Inspired by their beloved colleague and Qualified Practitioner, Anna Zawadzka, Managers from the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Byerly Place, called in the delivery service to provide treats for the hardworking team on what is also known as ‘Fat Thursday’ or ‘Polish Doughnut Day’ nationwide in the native country.

The holiday is associated with the Christian calendar and for many Polish people, marks the last day that they can eat fatty and sugary food before Lent, similar to Pancake Day in the United Kingdom. Although the date itself changes, the event is always celebrated on the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

Woodlands Day Nursery Qualified Nursery Practitioner, Anna Zawadzka said;

“It makes me feel hugely valued and appreciated that my colleagues go out of their way to put together surprises like this one. I’m so grateful to work with such a thoughtful team of people who want to learn about my background, culture and traditions – especially when they are food related!”

Woodlands Day Nursery Manager, Alyson Hefferon explained;

“We love to celebrate a wide range of cultural events from all across the world at Woodlands, not only to broaden the understanding of the children, but ourselves too. We are incredibly proud of our wonderful colleagues and the amazing service they continue to deliver to our nursery families during the pandemic, so making sure they know how much they mean to us is very important.”