News >> Cedar Park Day Nursery Children Earn Woodland Trust Platinum Award

Cedar Park Day Nursery children earn Woodland Trust Platinum Award

There was cause for celebration at Cedar Park Day Nursery in Twyford as delighted children and practitioners received the prestigious ‘Platinum Award’ as part of the Woodland Trust ‘Green Tree Schools’ programme after months of hard work.

The highest accolade in the scheme was awarded to pre-schoolers at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on Bridge Farm Road, who have been enjoying the four-stage programme, which encourages children to engage in outdoor learning and take part in practical projects which benefit the environment in exchange for points.

Cedar Park have now been tasked with planting 30 different bushes and trees within the nursery grounds, which is already the proud home to a two and a half acre Forest School, where children take part in activities such as den and campfire building.

The project works alongside the internationally recognised Eco-Schools scheme, for which Cedar Park hold two sought-after ‘Green Flag’ awards, the top accolade in the programme for exceptional conservation and environmental awareness efforts.

Cedar Park Day Nursery Deputy to Area Manager, Rachael Main said;

“We have had a brilliant time working our way up to the Platinum award and this has provided so many creative learning opportunities. We are delighted to have reached this final milestone and are now looking forward to expanding our beautiful outdoor space with the help of the new plants and trees, which will be the legacy of our current nursery children for years to come.”