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Beloved stories come to life at Grasshoppers Day Nursery

At Grasshoppers Day Nursery in St Albans, young reading enthusiasts are showcasing their creativity by re-making their favourite storybooks.

Children from the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery on York Road selected their beloved book and copied the pages, adding their own beautiful illustrations throughout. Practitioners helped the pre-schoolers with writing and then encouraged them to explore the different themes and emotions within the individual stories.

Grasshoppers Day Nursery Team Leader, Jodie Smart explained;

“We had a brilliant time putting our own stamp on some of our favourite stories and delving deeper into their messages. The Colour Monster book proved a particularly popular choice amongst the children and allowed us to discuss the topic of feelings, as well as imitate the vibrant designs shown inside. The pre-schoolers are very passionate about books so they loved making this keepsake of their own.”