News >> Bedford Pre Schoolers Celebrate Their Home Grown Potatoes

Bedford pre-schoolers celebrate their home grown potatoes

Roast dinner never tasted better for pre-schoolers at Lavenders Day Nursery in Bedford as they tucked into potatoes they planted, tended and harvested.

As Lavenders Deputy Manager, Jessica D’Arcy, explained general excitement surrounded the first harvest and meal from the growing beds at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day nursery in Bushmead Avenue, Bedford.

“They have lovingly nurtured the plants over the past few months so this was a big occasion for us all. It has really captured the imagination and interest of the children and that, quite simply is what we are all about. Once you do that the learning opportunities are endless,” she said.

The young farmers at the nursery, which holds the prestigious Eco-Schools Silver Award for environmental awareness and conservation, learn simple maths, science and the importance of healthy nutrition as well as environmental awareness and respect with their growing activities.

“Respecting and protecting the environment is an important part of our commitment to give our children the best possible future. The fact that they are really enjoying the activities and taking their responsibilities seriously is wonderful on so many levels,” said Jessica.

Other crops at the nursery, which is powered by electricity from renewable sources like the sun and wind and sends zero waste to landfill, include beetroot, cabbages, marrows and carrots.