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Artistic creativity at Northampton Day Nursery

Exotic fruits and cling film provided a completely new artistic learning experience for children at the Ofsted-rated Outstanding Nene Valley Day Nursery.


The fruit was placed in the centre of a table whilst the entire area around the table was wrapped in cling film. The children chose their colours and they used the cling film as a canvass.


The experience provided children with the opportunity to develop decision making skills whilst planning ahead. Painting on the upright surface provided a new and experience for the children, holding the brush in different ways, standing up to paint, trying out different techniques and experimenting with different amounts of paint to create different marks.  


Nursery Manager Tracy Smith said:


“This topic was initiated by Nene’s nursery practitioners and inspired by early years artistic practise across the world.  The children communicated their thoughts and spent long periods of time exchanging ideas about what they were doing, how they were doing it and about the different fruits they could see. It was fantastic to see the children so engrossed in this activity.”