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‘Arctic’ exploration at Chobham Day Nursery

The Arctic may seem far away, but children at Pennypot Day Nursery in Chobham have been learning all about life in colder climates.

They have used tools such as online maps to locate the Poles and measure the distance from where we live. The children showed a particular interest in the people who live in the extremes and the wildlife which thrive there. Exploring traditional Arctic cultures, children have learned about how to keep warm in freezing temperatures.

The topic was expanded further using the innovative Mantra Lingua language programme which allowed children to use their pens to record animal sounds and attach them to flashcards of the animals.

Pennypot Manager Carol McDonough explained:

“We have used the winter season as a springboard to learning about life in colder climates. The children have really enjoyed using a range of resources and technology to look at life in ice cold temperatures. This topic has really expanded their understanding of the world around them, a key principle in the EYFS.”

The children created their own ‘Arctic’ corner in the nursery to extend their play and learning further. They used a ‘talking and thinking’ book to plan the area and introduced animals discovered using the class whiteboard.