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ALL Childbase Partnership nurseries have ‘Green Flags’

ALL 44 Childbase Partnership nurseries now hold a Green Flag – the top Eco schools award for exceptional environmental awareness and conservation – making it the largest Early Years provider to achieve this.

Only 78 UK day nurseries hold Green Flags and the award-winning, employee-owned Childbase Partnership has 16 nurseries – out of 30 nationwide – which have achieved more than one.

Mark Bird, Childbase Partnership Health Safety and Environment Director, who was instrumental in the development of the UK Early Years pathway for the international Eco-Schools programme, said:

“This has been a mammoth five–year project for Childbase Partnership but it is really only a start. Currently we have 14 nurseries with two consecutive Green Flag awards and we aim to increase that to firmly cement Childbase Partnership as the centre for Early Years environmental education.”

Emma Wallbridge, Manager of the Ofsted-rated Julia Durbin Day Nursery in Oxford, which is waiting to hear about its second Green Flag award which will take Childbase Partnership to 15 ‘doubles’:

“There is a real pride amongst parents and the staff team about how our children are embracing their responsibilities to the environment. I never get tired of parent stories of young children telling them off for putting recyclable waste in the wrong bin or for not turning off their lights”.

Childbase Partnership, which is powered by electricity from renewable sources and sends zero waste to landfill, was also the first Early Years provider to publish an externally verified carbon footprint, in partnership with Planet Mark, and accelerate its plans for net zero emissions by 2045 with a new target of net zero by 2030.

Children in Childbase Partnership Nurseries plant and tend fruit, vegetables and herbs in gardens which are harvested for used in meals and learning activities.  Food scraps from snack breaks are used to ‘feed’ nursery composters.

Gardens also plays host to a number of animal habitats, including bug hotels and bird feeders, to encourage biodiversity, with further co-research into garden life and habitats taking place inside at ‘Smart Boards’ and around themed ‘tuff trays’.

To attain Green Flag accreditation, nurseries had to first obtain Bronze and Silver status before a seven step programme led by each nursery’s Eco-Committee of children and staff was carried out.

Rigorous vetting of the projects – which focus on 10 topics including Global Citizenship, Energy, Marine and waste - is carried out by an independent inspector.