At Childbase Partnership we are committed to providing sustainable and socially responsible environments within all of our nurseries and this commitment starts at an early age. Find out more below:



Teaching children at an early age about the environment not only increases their environmental awareness but also improves the nursery spaces and the local community. We aim to engage all children within our nurseries to get involved in a range of environmental activities and projects. 


All our nurseries are registered Eco-Schools and we currently have 23 nurseries with the independently accredited Green Flag award. Our other sites are progressing along the journey too with 9 nurseries achieving the Silver Award and 10 nurseries achieving the Bronze Award.

Read more about our Eco-Schools here

Food for Life 


At 40* of our nurseries we follow the Food for Life Served Here scheme which aims to raise standards of food businesses across the UK by both ensuring compliance with Governmental guidance, and promoting the use of sustainable, higher welfare and ethically sourced ingredients. This helps link our daily food offering to our sustainable ethos.

Childrens food preferences and habits are formed in the first few years and, at Childbase, we are uniquely placed to serve a wide range of interesting and nutritionally balanced meals that are also reflective of the natural seasons. 

Our meals are certified;

  • Free from trans-fats
  • Free from E numbers
  • Free from MSG 
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients 
  • Free range eggs
  • Higher welfare animal standards

At the majority of our settings we have also achieved the Silver Award demonstrating our continued commitment to ethical produce sourcing with more and more organic or Fair Trade products in use. 

* River View, Victoria House and Grasshoppers St Albans are currently on 'The Professional Nursery Kitchen (TPNK) menus which are compliant with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership (EYNP) ethos.

Waste and Recycling

All our nurseries sort their waste at source to support our aims to divert or recycle as much as we can.                                                                                                               
In March 2019 we diverted 98.3% of our main waste streams from landfill. This includes our zero to landfill streams such as food, nappy and dry mixed recycling waste. As with all our environmental aims we are striving to improve with the target of "zero to landfill" the goal we are actively working towards.



Carbon Footprint 

Childbase is pleased to announce we have measured our carbon emissions to produce our first, formally accredited Carbon Footprint. We partnered with 'The Planet Mark' to accomplish this and have committed to a carbon reduction of 5% year on year. To support this we analyse and report on energy use continually throughout the year to ensure we are protecting the planet and securing the best possible future for our children. 

In our benchmarking year, ending October 2018, Childbase Partnership's total carbon footprint was 1,333.8tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) 


You can view our Acre of Rainforest Certificate here

Along with the certification and commitment to carbon reduction we are now protecting an acre of the world's most endangered rainforest in Ashaninka, Peru via our partnership with 'Cool Earth' and a donation made to the Eden Project to support their 'education on climate change' initiatives.